We offer programs to fit your school, church and youth organizations. Whether you have 2 students or 2,000, we can customize a program to fit your needs. Here are some of the programs we offer. We tailor programs to all age groups from 0-100 years old. Contact us to customize one for your organization at

GET MOTIVATED – Study Habits and Focus Development
This show gives youth proven tools for staying motivated to excel in their studies and overcome the stress of school, family, peer pressure and busy-ness of life.  We provide education and tools to increase focus on school studies including meditation, study tips and easy yoga poses to give students a fresh start to their day.

GET MOVING – Fun Fitness Activities
This exciting show teaches students different fun activities they can practice anywhere to keep moving and stay healthy. We play with hula hoops, make spinning Poi and more. This is a fun and fabulous program gets kids up and moving. Kids receive lessons on focus and learn how to spin Poi. They even get to take their own set of cloth Poi home!
Don’t know what Poi is? Watch Super Alon spinning fire Poi in the video by the Olympic Torch. Adults love this program too.

GET SINGING – Educational Sing Along Programs
Music is a fun way to teach lessons that last. Helping youth build strong self-esteem is vital to their successful education.  Students who believe in themselves, do better in school.  Our self-esteem sing-along program will teach students that EVERYONE is important and special and that we need to celebrate our differences!  We also encourage kids to dream big and try hard to achieve their goals!

GET FOCUSED – Vision Board Workshop
The Vision Board Workshop is a powerful hands-on activity session that is done over a 2-4 hour program. Great for Saturdays, after school, special assemblies, individual grades or summer programs. Students create their vision for the future and leave with a Vision Board that shows their dreams. This is one of the best tools a kid can have but most have never done. This gives the youth, teachers and the parents an understanding of what is important to the youth so we can best support their growth for a healthy and prosperous future.

GET CREATIVE – Art Education
Art is important to keeping creativity alive. Prosperity and Friends art classes give students a chance to draw their own cartoons. This program can be taught online through videos or in person at school assemblies or classrooms. Students are encouraged to submit their art online and share it with Prosperity & Friends.

GET CUSTOM PROGRAMS – Customize Your School Shows
Prosperity & Friends also offers a “Back to School Kickstarter Bash” and “End of the Year” school assemblies!  We design shows to fit topics that your school is looking for!

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