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The most common thing we hear from parents when we describe this program is “I wish I had that when I was a kid.”

About Prosperity & Friends

Prosperity & Friends is comprehensive education program for youth and adults supported by cartoon activity books and live education programs to motivate, inspire and help people create and live their dream lives.

Set to become America’s Leading Authority in Raising Prosperous Adults, we empower children, teens and adults to live a healthier financial future by helping your kids understand wealth in a fun way.

Parents love the programs for many reasons. One reason is that they can trust that the messages are kid-friendly. We take great care in making sure that parents would approve the messages we teach.

The world needs role models now more than ever.

Prosperity is the lead character and together with her friends, they take readers through fun activities like goal setting, drawing their own cartoon, learning valuable life lessons, fitness exercises that add fun into movement, and fun activity lessons that help create a sense of purpose.

In these programs, children and adults will learn:

  • About prosperity, goal setting and money plus how they work together
  • The power of goal setting and working towards a specific target
  • How their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes influence their potential wealth
  • The power of giving back and paying it forward
  • The skills and knowledge to become an entrepreneur
  • Overcome body image issues with methods to accept their body
  • How to use downtime to make progress toward their dreams

The Prosperity & Friends Activity Program and corresponding Activity Book provide a series of goal setting, inspirational work and partnerships that the author, Angela DiCarlo, MBA, has spent her life building. Angela herself co-founded several programs including a kids fitness program called Life Enhancer in 2004 to give children education on meditation, yoga and the importance of fitness in schools where PE Programs are lacking or under utilized that has helped hundreds of youth. We are all part of this world society and it is the little things that add up to the big results.

After speaking with hundreds of people, we have learned that most have stopped making New Year’s Resolutions because they are not doing them. Very few people have a real game plan for their life.

The Prosperity and Friends Speaking Programs and Activity Books help people re-energize their life in a fun, light-hearted format. It is often the little things that can make a big difference over the long run.

The cartoon and activities takes people on a journey as Prosperity and Friends go on a fun, powerful adventure throughout the Multiverse. They set goals, teach powerful lessons on money and wealth, show ways to proactively clean up the environment, and create a forum for creating and fulfilling dreams. The program is parent-approved and ideal for kids, tweens, teens and adults regardless of their backgrounds.

These life enhancing programs and activity books are for adults and youth who are looking for great role models. The program is beneficial to those who feel lost or just want more wealth or happiness. This program is also ideal for people who have amazing lives or want them.

If you have a school, corporation or organization, who would like a program, please contact us at (858) 412-7738.

The artist, Mr Scott the Illustrator, is renowned for designing art that is fun. His work has been printed in hundreds of thousands of copies. He has drawn for children’s books as well Marvel Comic’s well-known character Spider Man among many others.

Thanks for your time, insights and contributions. If you have any other thoughts, donations, ideas, connections or want to be a part of Prosperity and Friends street team, email us at Prosperity@ProsperityAndFriends.com.  You are amazing!

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