Be A Cartoon

Want to get Cartoonized by a professional artist?

Yes, it’s true, for a limited time, you can hire our very own professional cartoonist to make yourself into your own amazing cartoon that you can show off to all your friends.

Submit your information below and we will contact you to get a complete description of your character. We will also need a picture from you in your favorite superhero pose. Get creative. There are no limitations in the cartoon world. You can defy gravity, have superior strength, fly, and improve lives with your super powers.

Get your own top quality cartoon as amazing as the ones you found on this website. The limited edition price is only $395, normally over a thousand to get a Marvel-quality custom cartoon, but specially priced here only for Prosperity’s friends.  We may even feature your cartoon in an upcoming book or program.

Not sure what you want in your cartoon. For only five bucks, the cost of a Starbucks coffee, you can get your photo analyzed and suggestions made for your own cartoon.

Get Cartoonized

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