Learn to Spin Poi

Want to learn Poi? Getting started is easy.

Spinning Poi is a fun activity that almost anybody can learn. Prosperity and Friends has demonstration videos, basics of Poi and custom poi available to get you started. It takes a little coordination, concentration and a positive attitude.

Performing with Poi is an activity that has been done for hundreds of years in a variety of cultures. Well known in New Zealand as a performing art, Poi spinning has appeared all over the world on stages, at events and in parks. The great thing about poi is that it is fun to watch and fun to perform. Everyone benefits.

Some people spin Fire Poi, some have sock poi, others use LED lights, glow balls, furry tassel poi, and pretty any material object that you can attach to a string and spin around.

Watch the video of Michael Parisi spin Fire Poi.
He is a very advanced expert in Poi and teaches classes in Asheville, North Carolina. What we love about his spinning is how smooth and precise his movements are. Contact us to get connected for lessons from Michael Parisi or a Poi expert in your area.

How To Spin Poi

  1. Get a set of Poi to spin. Don’t have poi yet? Order them online or grab a pair of knee high socks. Tube socks work great. If this is your first time spinning poi, grab 2 sets of socks. Roll up a sock into a ball shape and shove it into another sock. Do this with the other set of socks. The great thing about spinning with socks inside the socks is that if you get hit, it will not hurt much. As you progress, the filling can be changed to baggies of rice (I like 2 ounces or 1/4 cup of rice per poi), tennis balls, LED balls, or one of many other options.
  2. Find a good open space to practice. Open fields are great. Backyards, big living rooms. Make sure that you have at least 5 feet clear around you in all directions – front, back, left, right, up and down.
  3. Start spinning. Get the overall feel for how the poi move. With each poi in hand, just start twirling them around to get the feel for the weight and the way they move.
  4. Watch videos online. We are constantly adding new videos. If you have a specific trick you want to learn, just google it. Prosperity loves watching lessons on YouTube. Some of our favorite trainers are Alon Vision, NickCannPoi and Michael Parisi (featured above).
  5. Practice in front of a mirror. One the best ways to learn poi is to practice in front of a mirror.
  6. Record Yourself. Send in your videos spinning poi. Once you’ve spun a few times, record yourself. Watch your recording to learn what you are doing right.

Need help or want to share your awesome poi spinning skills?

Send us links to your Poi Spinning videos at prosperity@prosperityandfriends.com and we may share them online.

Order your own set of Custom Poi at http://www.etsy.com/shop/prosperityandfriends.

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